How to Keep Your Global Knifes in the Best Shape

Global knives are considered to be the best knives found on the market. They are made in Japan, and were first introduced to the general public in 1985 by their inventor Komin Yamada.

It is considered that they are the first stainless steel knives, ever created so they were innovation of the top quality. Basically, when they were first shown to the European’s customers in 1988, there were only 12 items, while at the moment there are 4 series of knives with over 100 items included in it.

There are 35 distributors which spread the fame of this product in over 95 countries in all the world continents. It is interesting that one knife from G series has been announced BEST BUY by famous UK magazine three different years – 1995, 2003 and 2011. In 2006 the Global brand won an award in Japan, being one of the 100 ” Japanese modern 100″ inventions. wholesale knife distributors

Global knives are made the same way like swords were made in the past – they were handed by a professional who sais if the knife has the ideal weight and balance that is needed. Every single knife is checked that way. If you have bought some of these excellent products, you should know how to take care of them, and how to keep your items in their best shape.

Here you will find out all you need to know about sharpening a Global knife.

Tips how to sharpen your knife:


  • First, you should know there are two types of stones, used for sharpening – ceramic stone and water stone. If you are using a ceramic stone, you should keep it in water for several minutes, not more than 5 minutes, before using it for its purpose.
  • Second, take the knife in the one hand which is the more comfortable for you, and take the stone in the other. Put the knife under a 10 – 15 degrees angle towards the stone and start moving it back and forth. If you are not sure if you are keeping the same angle all the time, listen to the sound that the knife produces during every move. If the sound is the same, which means you are making it the correct way.
  • Third, repeat the same procedure on the two sides of the knife.
  • Next, you need to know that during the procedure a wet powder will appear on the surface of the knife. Do not worry about it – it shows that the knife is sharpening.
  • Finally, when your knife is sharp enough, wash it in hot water and after that dry it with a towel.


Global brand offers two types of whetstones – Global ceramic whetstone for a home use, and a Global ceramic whetstone and holders.

In the first package you will find three ceramic stones with different color and the same size. The white one is the roughest, the orange is medium with grit 1000 and the pink is the super whetstone with grit 5000.

It is very important to know that you can use these items not only for Global brand products, but for any knife you have in your kitchen.

Global offers both ceramic whetstones and diamond whetstones which are made from the two stable and hardest materials in the world. As you know, people use diamonds in order to cut glass and the diamond is proved to be the strongest material known to the man.

If you purchase the diamond rod, you will sharpen your knives quicker, being compared to the ceramic rods. However, both products are an excellent choice for you to make.

The diamond sharpener comes under number G-38 and it is 26 cm long, 10 inch. Its price is about $185 and you will get free shipping. The ceramic sharpener G – 25 is 24 cm long and its price is $125.

Again, it is a top quality sharpener but as you can see there is a difference of $60 in the price. The main advantage is that if you drop a diamond sharpener it will not break, while there is such possibility if you drop a ceramic sharpener.


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