How to Do Point Calculation in 13 Cards Rummy

Rummy is a prominent card game in India. And 13 cards get dealt with every player. The remaining cards will be kept. It’s the stockpile. The card from that stockpile is kept face up on a table. It is called the discarded lot. A player needs to sort cards in hand. They can sort suit or rank-wise (anything they prefer). That will reduce the chances of missing out on great combinations. This game entirely moves in an anti-clockwise manner. One can easily draw the card from that stockpile or may discard that pile.

If a player wants, they can create valid runs and sets. They can end their turn by discarding a card. What if a player has melded into groups? Then, they may easily declare the hand, place cards on the table, and show the hand to the players. The whole system checks whether you have valid combinations when you play online. The one who makes the very first declaration will win the bet. At the round’s end, the unmatched cards’ value gets added.

Point Calculation in the 13 Card Rummy Game: Things to Learn

Here are the things to learn about point calculation in 13 card rummy game. Learn further about the details by learning these pointers:

  • The face cards comprise the value of ten points for each
  • The numbered or printed cards have the same value as the face value (for instance, five of space consists of a value of five points)
  • The jokers (bet it printed or cut joker) have the zero points value.
  • In any of the cases, when the player fails to take any required action and fails to meet the 1st three consecutive turns, he will be offered a penalty
  • When the player misses his turn & wishes to drop in the second turn, he will be given drop points
  • When the player fails to make straight sequences, he gets allocated points as per the cards in the hand
  • When the gamer has made two required sequences, points will get allocated according to the remaining cards
  • When the player fails to send the cards, the system will accept the cards as they are
  • When the player’s declaration goes absolutely wrong, he will be allocated around 80 points as the penalty.
  • A maximum of 80 points gets allocated to a single hand implies the Full hand happens to be 80 points.
  • When any player declares the game on the first, players whose turn has not yet come will receive a middle-hand penalty of 40 points.

What are the scoring parameters to follow?

Here are the scoring parameters to follow. Dive into the narration to learn further on this front:

Indian rummy points for every card are:

  • 2 – 10: the points are equal to the face value
  • K, Q, J: They have ten points each
  • Ace has 10 points
  • Joker has 0 points

According to the rules for Indian rummy games, scoring is entirely based on unmatched cards’ values. At every round’s end, the winner will get 0 points. Others will add up rummy points of the unmatched cards. They receive negative marketing.

Tips to win 13-card rummy:

Given below are the tips to win or maximize your winning chances:

  • Arranging cards in hand is imperative
  • Creating a pure sequence is another important consideration
  • A player should always seek ways of discarding high-value cards if they are sure they will meld them

So, with these tips considered, you can play 13 cards rummy in an effective way.


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